You can do more for your recruitment and the candidate experience with Springboard. Our advanced sourcing capabilities, powerful automated performance, a streamlined onboarding solution, real-time contextual reporting insights and CRM capabilities all come together in one sophisticated package.

What’s more, we can bring real value at every stage. We’ll help you create the memorable candidate experience and stand-out employer brand you’re looking for – whether you’re a growing business or an already big team.



We offer an all-encompassing TA Suite that sources talent wherever they are and pre-qualifies them using engaged talent pools. We will:

  • Find and engage passive candidates through an optimised career site
  • Curate fresh, relevant talent pipelines
  • Execute automatic drip campaigns
  • Deliver two-way SMS to speed up the recruitment process
  • Customised forms to pre-qualify candidates
  • Run high-volume assessment in one cycle.


We’ll truly reflect your company values and culture to quickly attract then convert candidates to members of your talent community. We will:

  • Personalise every interaction
  • Deliver an easy one-click application process
  • Reflect your values and culture at every touchpoint
  • Keep candidates alerted on each step of their journey


Our career portals provide a rich, consistent experience for all candidates, tailored for both volume and niche hiring. We will:

  • Go virtual with interviews, career fairs or assessment centres
  • Provide meaningful 2-way SMS, chatbot and email communication
  • Provide self-service options to candidates
  • Tailor pre-qualifying questions to produce meaningful future campaigns
  • Pool talent into segmented pipelines ahead of hiring demand.


Much more than just an ATS, Springboard improves many hiring processes that affect candidate drop-out rates and improves overall quality of hire. We will:

  • Create efficient workflows and processes to reduce time and effort
  • Reduce time-to-fill and cost-to-hire by directly engaging pre-qualified talent
  • Integrate with up to 30 vendors to enhance the recruitment journey
  • Recruit faster with increased hiring manager visibility
  • Resume parsing with AI.


We simplify the onboarding process for new hires, supporting a paperless approach and providing a flawless experience. Our promise to you:

  • We’ll deliver new starter information online
  • We’ll manage offers, electronic acceptance and capture of all onboarding data
  • We’ll provide all new-starter documentation before joining for a seamless day one experience.


Within a few clicks, your data will be retrieved swiftly to provide analysis and insights that measure recruitment team performance and improve future hiring decisions. You’ll be able to:

  • Determine supply and future demand
  • Assess talent gaps
  • Better understand top talent behaviours and predict factors such as cultural fit
  • Scale talent strategy up or down during high and low volume periods
  • Track and manage recruitment spend on job boards to focus on those with the highest ROI
  • Record individual performance and feedback.