On-demand Webinar: Why it’s time to mobilise and unlock your hidden talent

In today’s market, every organisation is looking at some way to mobilise their employees, whether it be due to limited access to offshore talent, an uplift in project demand, and recognising programmes such as Success Factors alone doesn’t give you the tools you need to create visibility of skills across your current talent pool. What is apparent in all organisations was the need to address mobilising their workforce and balancing the proportion of external talent against this.

Creating a future ready talent pool is not easy, therefore in this on-demand webinar you will learn how to create a future ready talent strategy taking into consideration:

  • How to create culture of mobility
  • How process design and technology play a part in mobilisation of your talent pool 
  • The growing importance of skills assessment to unlock hidden talent
  • Mobility case study snapshot of a Healthcare provider

Note: this webinar featured at the HR Exchange’s annual online event: Employee Engagement and Experience APAC.

On-Demand Webinar: Why it’s time to mobilise and unlock your hidden talent

Chris Broadway, Technology Sales Manager for Springboard and PeopleScout APAC, has worked in talent management software for over 18 years in both ANZ and Europe, and has witnessed technology evolve from simple, siloed applicant tracking solutions to fully integrated platforms driving all facets of the employee lifecycle. Chris has worked with some of the largest enterprise and government bodies in Australia and New Zealand to help them define talent engagement strategies and deploy technology that helps deliver great outcomes to their people.

To learn more about what how Springboards Talent Acquisition Suite, can help attract through to onboard the best talent, contact Chris Broadway via [email protected] or book a meeting using the link below.