PeopleScout’s High Volume Recruiting eBook

Springboard is a Talent Acquisition Suite of solutions by PeopleScout and we encourage exchange of ideas and like to share thought leadership to our peers. In this latest eBook by PeopleScout you will get all the facts you need to know about High-Volume recruitment.

High volume / seasonal recruitment can be demanding and complex from sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring large numbers of applicants for similar openings or job types to meet a surge in demand. As per our article called 3 Ways Technology can solve your High-Volume Recruitment Challenges “Talent is off the market within 10 days according to OfficeVibe, yet the average time to hire in Australia has increased from 33.4 days to 40 days, meaning the best talent is off the market long before traditional, manual processes can be completed. A complete rethink in how companies hire is needed to be competitive”.

At Springboard we take a technology-first approach to high-volume hiring to meet speed and scale without sacrificing the candidate experience or quality of hire. More importantly technology enables your available roles to be accessible to candidate anytime/anywhere via 24/7 automated hiring.

To learn more about what how Springboards Talent Acquisition Suite, can help attract through to onboard the best talent, contact Chris Broadway via [email protected] or book a meeting using the link below.